Jonathan Hooker

Assertiveness Exercise #1


The Following Statements are either Passive or Aggressive. Mark the space provided with a ‘P’ or an ‘A’?

1. “You’ve got to lay it on the line for people” ___

2. “I may be blunt, and to the point, but it gets me what I want” ___

3. “Nice people don’t get to win” ___

4. “I can’t do anything about this situation, because no one will back me up” ___

5. “At the end of the day, it’s the money you make, that counts” ___

6. “I am doing fine at work. I think I would know if they were unhappy” ___

7. “I don’t need to tell them how well they doing – I am sure they have a pretty good idea how they are getting on” ___

8. “It doesn’t matter how you behave here they would never throw you out” ___

9. “People get trained on the job here, we don’t have time for courses” ___

10. “I don’t know why we were asked to come here today, I just got a note saying to be here” ___

11. “We want people here who solve problems not talk about them” ___

12. “Give us the results and we’ll leave you alone” ___