Jonathan Hooker


"I started seeing Jonathan because, despite being surrounded by friends, I felt terribly lonely and unfulfilled. As is often the case in a party town like Barcelona, I was seeking answers in alcohol and drugs but not finding any. I had no boundaries, no boyfriend and a job that I wasn't sure I liked. In short, I was miserable and ready for a change.

Jonathan was a breath of fresh air when I needed it most. He helped me learn to speak up for myself, learn to separate what is about me and what is about somebody else and he showed me through example and guidance how to be a person that I could be proud of.

Today I'm living a pretty good life. I live on a farm with my partner and 2 children. I have a professional vision and am taking the steps to get there. I have no problem standing up for myself when I need to (even when it's scary). I'm healthy and physically fit. Most importantly I have the tools and self-esteem necessary to handle whatever life throws my way."
Amsterdam, Holland
"I approached Jonathan when I had become very frustrated, dissatisfied with my life and I had really got to the point where I thought everything had become too much.

He has certainly helped me a great deal in helping me move on and make the necessary changes that will hopefully enable me to make the most of my life."
Costa Brava, Spain
"I first went to see Jonathan with my husband because we were having problems in our relationship. I think it is fair to say he helped save our marriage.

I continue to have therapy sessions with Jonathan on a regular basis and it helps me in so many areas of my life. I certainly know myself better because of work I've done with him and feel healthier for it.

My 16 yr old daughter needed help last year and Jonathan was fantastic with her, he really connects well with teenagers, in fact she recently asked me if she could go back and see him again soon! I consider Jonathan to be a very valuable resource, for myself and my family."
Barcelona, Spain
"I began working with Jonathan through a challenging transition phase. I had just finished High School, was very confused, trapped and lost as to what to do with my life. Jonathan was able to provide me with pragmatic, rational guidance which was tinted with so much hope, enthusiasm, humour and grace. It was the first time that I was mentored into discovering and trusting my own potential as well as a universal power. Another incentive for me was the exchange of energy. We would share mutual anecdotes, experiences and aspirations. He would often refer to music and films and direct me towards books that could help me. Our sessions would sometimes take a different turn as we would work on regressions/childhood memories, anger release and massage. It was very reassuring for me to know that I was working with someone with so much depth and facility to adapt to my needs. I am forever grateful. Thank you."
Chicago, USA
"It took Jonathan a matter of minutes to get to the root of my problems and begin the process of helping me to make sense of them. In comparison to other therapists I've spoken to, he has a unique ability of identifying an issue and explaining it in a clear, concise manner, with a genuine care and passion for the outcome. He has been a teacher, an inspiration and a friend, and has made a huge difference in my life, how I see myself and the world around me."
London, UK
"I started going to see Jonathan a few years ago when i was offered an amazing job. I really wanted to take it but one thing was holding me back. It was major public speaking! My #1 fear!!

So i turned the job down 4 times but they still kept fighting for me. This is when i went to see Jonathan. I told him how much i wanted the job but my fears were holding me back. I felt angry with myself i couldn't take the job!

With time Jonathan taught me how to relax. How not to take things so seriously. Even if you slip up it doesn't really matter. People just laugh normally as the job is in Spanish and i am English, they think it's amusing in a positive way when i make mistakes with the language. And now 4 years on. I am still with the job. I love it. I travel around the world speaking on TV, talking to the press, last year in Lisbon i even talked in front of 300 people!! The buzz it gave me after was incredible.

Without Jonathan i can say hand on my heart i would NEVER have taken the job or had been able to do it. I now use him in every area of my life when I have a problem that I need help in."
Barcelona, Spain
"I feel very fortunate for having had the opportunity to work with Jonathan, and deciding to see him was probably the smartest decision I've ever made. He helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life, and after led me into what is now one of the best. With his insight, guidance, and support, I've not only been able to develop self-awareness and gain perspective on the kind of life I want to be living, but I've also learned and developed the tools in order to do so. It was an invaluable experience."
Costa Rica
"I was feeling totally swept away by everything that seemed to be happening ‘to me’. Jonathan was the first person I’d spoken to who, firstly, listened to it all – and I really did spill everything out in a rapid-fire blurt – then gently took all the messy layers apart. Helping me look at each bit to see it clearly. Digging deeper, I got to understand my feelings, to let go of stuff that didn't serve me and make a real plan. Of course, life keeps happening but, at least now, I’m not just reacting – I got through my crisis and the unexpected extra is that I feel I have control of my life. More than ever before!"
"I reached a crisis point in my life, realizing I was deeply unhappy. I found Jonathan via the web -- the most useful Google search I have perhaps ever made -- and with some insightful counselling I have seen my whole life turn around, and have been able to live in a healthier, more self-confident, more connected way. It feels like I am living a new life. I am the one who has made the decision to change, and I am the one who has done the actual work. But the desire to change is not enough. I needed some help; some guidance. And I can say Jonathan was exactly the right person at exactly the right time to help me do that. I would recommend him to any friend who is a bit lost and needs to find their way."

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