Jonathan Hooker



My approach uses psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and sometimes just guidance depending on the needs of the client in any particular session. The people who visit me want to feel better; they want to see results as quickly as possible.

By weaving together the strengths of various approaches, I tailor my sessions to cater to the unique needs of his clients, fostering a supportive and transformative therapeutic environment.

If someone is seeking to improve one issue or area of their life, then it is likely that counselling will help them focus on that issue and understand it better and improve it.

If, however, someone wants to understand more about their relationship with themselves, the world and others in it, then psychotherapy is better suited to that broader exploration.

Someone who has been promoted at work and is managing people or a team for the first time is more likely to benefit from coaching because this is more prescriptive, and may involve teaching about team dynamics or running team meetings. This approach is also if someone needs help to study and pass an examination.

Simple guidance may not be simple and could be about spirituality and meaning in life or could be about wanting to be happier and understanding what that would mean for that individual.

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