Jonathan Hooker

Assertiveness Exercise #1 Answers


The Following Statements are answers to the Assertiveness Exercise

1. “You’ve got to lay it on the line for people” ___

Aggressive – this is imposing a viewpoint and not allowing other people their input.

2. “I may be blunt, and to the point, but it gets me what I want” ___

Aggressive – this is selfish behaviour being rude to others and only interested in ourselves.

3. “Nice people don’t get to win” ___

Aggressive – believing that if you are polite and courteous to others you will lose out.

4. “I can’t do anything about this situation, because no one will back me up” ___

Passive – feeling that you cannot do anything on your own and can only take action when others do.

5. “At the end of the day, it’s the money you make, that counts” ___

Aggressive – this is as if the ends justify the means and that how we do things is not important when it is.

6. “I am doing fine at work. I think I would know if they were unhappy” ___

Passive – keeping your head down and not asking for feedback.

7. “I don’t need to tell them how well they doing – I am sure they have a pretty good idea how they are getting on” ___

Aggressive – feeling that not giving feedback to people is an acceptable way of managing others.

8. “It doesn’t matter how you behave here they would never throw you out” ___

Aggressive – behaving as you wish because you can ‘get-away with it’ is not appropriate, responsible behaviour.

9. “People get trained on the job here, we don’t have time for courses” ___

Aggressive – not having time to train people properly is not treating them with respect or valuing them.

10. “I don’t know why we were asked to come here today, I just got a note saying to be here” ___

Passive – receiving instructions that are not adequately explained and just going along with them without seeking clarification.

11. “We want people here who solve problems not talk about them” ___

Aggressive – it is an appropriate way to solve problems by discussing them and telling people to put up with problems or sort them out on their own is not an appropriate or supportive management style.

12. “Give us the results and we’ll leave you alone” ___

Aggressive – this is a thinly veiled threat that if you do not turn in the results people will make life uncomfortable.