Jonathan Hooker

Do you have a problem you don't understand how to tackle?

When we are wrestling with a problem, talking to someone who’s not involved helps because they’re not overwhelmed – the value of a third party is huge in problem solving.

We are all different but we will use a process that will help you understand your problem and see the options available. This is how it works:

We will meet and discuss your circumstances and I will ask some questions that will help us understand your situation more clearly. 

We will discuss which things are causing the good and bad effects. 

We will separate out your personal responsibility from the circumstances and the actions and responsibilities of others, so you can see what’s in your control and what responsibilities you do and don’t have. 

We will move on to look at the different options and their likely outcomes so you can choose the best one for you moving forward.

Finally, I can help you to make the changes you choose, and help you through the process of replacing old habits with new ones so they become permanent practices that support you in achieving the life you want.

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