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Are you struggling with unhelpful emotions?​

  • “I get anxious a lot / I have a lot of anxiety”
  • “I feel regret and I can’t seem to let it go”
  • “I feel ashamed or guilty about my past”
  • “I feel alone or isolated I suffer from depression”
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Sometimes We Feel Plagued By Unhelpful Emotions

Feelings should be a source of information about our relationship with a person or an event, but sometimes we can get trapped in these emotions.

Maybe you feel you ‘should’ have done something differently or that you ‘should have known better’? These feelings may be keeping you stuck in the past.

Guilt tells us we have moved on and evolved and, given the same set of circumstances today, we would do things differently. When we realise this, we can move on – with a lighter step. It’s not healthy for us to stay mired in guilt.

If you feel plagued by anxiety, regret, shame or guilt and you’d like to be free of it, we can explore the root of this feeling, understand it and empower you to free yourself.

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