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Are you you overwhelmed by a crisis?​

  • “I’m having a bit of a crisis”
  • Something has happened recently and I don’t know how to deal with it
  • Someone I was close to died and I can’t get over it
  • I’ve been dealing with a health issue and it’s beginning to really affect me
  • My relationship finished a while ago and I’ve been struggling”
If you are looking to make real and lasting changes for a more fulfilled and happy life, I can help. Start here and now – it’s all within your reach’

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Facing the Unexpected

Crisis are usually unexpected and overwhelm us.

Having been trained ‘to cope’ and do things alone, we tend to treat a crisis as part of our everyday life and just try to carry on. But a crisis, by its nature, is intense and not the norm – and can require a fundamentally different approach.

Feeling overwhelmed can remove our normal ability to stand back and get a clear perspective of our situation.

Working with a professional can provide the safe space we need to feel grounded, understand our situation more clearly and begin to make decisions about how to move forward.

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