Jonathan Hooker

Codependence Questionnaire


1. Are you a giver?

In other words (Do you feel good when you give to others?)

Yes      No

2. Do you fix things for other people?

In other words (If someone has a problem or feels down do you try to make things

Yes      No

3. Do you seek the approval of other people?

In other words (Do you feel good when other people say good things about you?)

Yes      No

4. Do you avoid conflict and Arguments?

In other words (Do you try to keep things running smoothly and avoid rocking the boat?)

Yes      No

5. Do you hide the things about yourself that you think other people won’t like, or do you hide your mistakes?

In other words (Do you sometimes feels worried that people will be unhappy or angry if they see you have made a mistake or don’t have something right?)

Yes      No

6. Do you look for the ‘right’ way to do something?

In other words (Do you think that if you can find the right way to do things then everything will be alright and there will be no problems?)

Yes      No

7. Do you hide your feelings?

In other words Do you analyse things rather than have feelings and do you think feelings are really a bit of a waste of time and energy?)

Yes      No

8. Have you decided to be different from your one or both your parents?

In other words (Are there things about your mother and father or their behaviour that caused you to want to be different?)

Yes      No

9. Are you more comfortable relating to the opposite sex?

In other words (Do you like to think you are not like other men/women who can be
angry, selfish or abusive to women/men?)

Yes      No

10. Do you find it difficult to make your needs a priority?

In other words (Do you believe it is selfish to ask for what you want?)

Yes      No

11. Do you make your partner the centre of your emotions?

In other words (Do you tend to be happy when your partner is happy and less happy when he/she is not?)

Yes      No

If you’ve answered yes to any of these behaviours, this is an indication that codependence is negatively affecting your life. 

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