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Is anger sabotaging your happiness?​

  • “I feel angry but I don’t know exactly why”
  • “My anger is ruining my relationships”
  • “I can’t cope when other people are angry, even if it’s not directed at me”
  • “I’m not an angry person but I often feel resentful”
  • “I don’t feel comfortable expressing my anger”
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Understanding Anger

Anger gets a lot of bad press, but some people have issues with their own anger and some with the anger of others.

Anger is one of our most useful emotions. It signals when we feel uncomfortable so it is the building block for our boundaries in life – what we will accept and tolerate, and what we won’t.

Anger is a range of emotion, from rage at one extreme to simply expressing “I don’t like this’ or ‘I don’t want that’. It is really important not to confuse anger with violence, which is unpredictable, potentially dangerous and not ok.

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